Black Diamond - Camalot X4 Cams Quality climbing equipment

Author: John Taylor   Date Posted:19 February 2015 

Black Diamond - Camalot X4 Cams

The Camalot Cams from Black Diamond have exceeded peoples expectations with quality, ease of use, placement and price.

Combining unparalleled expansion range with single-stem flexibility and a narrow head width, the Black Diamond Camalot X4 represents the missing link in our gold-standard Camalot family. Thin desert tips corner? The smallest three sizes of the X4 feature our Stacked Axle Technology, which uses a unique machined axle to give more expansion range per size than any small four-cam unit on the market. In fact, the six sizes of the Camalot X4 cover the same range as eight sizes of comparable units. Funky pin scars? The X4's embedded cam springs allow for an ultra-narrow head width that fits in those tight spots other cams won't. Awkward horizontal placements? Thanks to super-durable aluminum protection beads, the X4's cable withstands repeated abrasion without compromising flexibility. Pumped out of your mind and ten feet out from your last piece? We also added a hot-forged trigger bar and symmetric swage to improve handling and eliminate buckling.

Double axle (.75, .5 and .4) and Stacked Axle Technology (.3, .2 and .1) provide huge expansion range
Narrower head width than original Camalot fits in more places than ever
Aluminum armor beads protect cable stem without compromising flexibility
Symmetric swage and hot-forged trigger bar eliminate buckling and provide ergonomic handling
Lightweight yet durable Dyneema sling for easy identification and differentiation from other Camalots
Oz, HoodWire and Neutrino rackpacks available for easy racking


Camalot: Weight (g): Strength (kN): Range (mm): Head Width (mm):
X4 .1 51 5 8.4 - 13.8 29.9
X4 .2 54 6 9.9 - 16.5 29.9
X4 .3 75 8 12.4 - 21.2 33.6
X4 .4 82 9 15.5 - 26.6 32.8
X4 .5 91 9 19.8 - 33.7 33.7
X4 .75 112 9 24 - 41.2 38.4

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