Petzl - Nao Reactive Lighting Headlamp

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Petzl - 2012 Nao Reactive Lighting Headlamp

Petzl - Headlamp

The advantages of self-adjusting REACTIVE LIGHTING technology

REACTIVE LIGHTING technology is a revolution in hands-free lighting. A built-in light sensor adapts the headlamp's beam pattern and light output instantly and automatically to suit the user's needs. This means the user gets an ideal amount of light with minimal manual adjustment required. This self-adjusting lighting mode also results in longer burn times, due to more efficient use of the rechargeable battery.

Adapted lighting

The shape of the beam and the power of the headlamp instantly adapt to the need (lighting for close, medium or long-range vision), so the user always has the right amount of light.

A minimum of manual adjustments

The headlamp automatically adapts to changes in surrounding light conditions, allowing the user to remain focused on the activity at hand without worrying about adjusting the headlamp.

Longer burn times

REACTIVE LIGHTING technology increases burn time, due to more efficient use of the rechargeable battery. Lighting adapts to suit the need, reducing the use of wasteful, unnecessarily powerful lighting.


photo trail running reactive lighting
Reactive lighting and constant lighting graphic

Lighting adapts automatically according to need (light output and beam pattern). The self-adjusting lighting mode increases the burn time of the headlamp, due to optimized use of the rechargeable battery. Average lighting associated with the headlamp is calculated from field tests.

* Example of lighting curve for self-adjusting lighting. It varies according to headlamp use.


Lighting is kept at a constant, generally high, intensity for the specific burn time associated with the headlamp and decreases significantly at the end of this period. This type of lighting is designed for trails, for example, where full power is important.

photo reactive lighting mountaineering


Self-adjusting lighting

The integrated light sensor is oriented in the same direction as the eyes; it measures and analyzes reflected light in order to instantly and automatically adjust the headlamp's beam pattern (wide and/or focused) and light output to the user's needs.


image nao light sensor


For proximity lighting

When looking at an object at close range, for example when reading a map, tying a knot or setting up a tent, the beam is very wide and less powerful. Lighting adjusts automatically to the distance of the object


For mobility

When walking, running, etc., the beam is wide and has medium strength in order to illuminate obstacles in the path.


For distance vision

When raising the head to see into the distance, looking for a trail marker or an anchor on a climb, for example, the light output increases and becomes more focused.

image proximity lighting   image mobility   image distance vision

Rechargeable headlamp with self-adjusting lighting - REACTIVE LIGHTING technology

The rechargeable NAO headlamp adapts its two high power LEDs instantly and automatically to the lighting needs for greater comfort, fewer manual interventions and longer battery life. NAO is the first Petzl headlamp with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology.

Available in July 2012


image nao headlamp
image nao optional belt kit

Optional belt kit for NAOallows the rechargeable battery to be moved to the belt to reduce the weight worn on the head, or to keep it warm in winter.




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