Base Camp Australia

What is a base camp?
It is a camp where mountaineers go to do an expedition. You have to admit you have a great view at the base camp. Thus, you can’t blame yourself if you want to bring a lot of photography equipment there and do a photo shoot on the spot. You can think of a million poses while you are there. Just make sure you don’t get too close to the edge. Most mountaineers would go here during winter as they think of it as a challenge. As a result, better bring a lot of winter attire as it will surely get pretty cold at the top of the mountain.

How hard is Everest Base Camp?
It is pretty hard so better do difficult workouts before doing it. It may take weeks or even months of hard training before you feel like you are up to the task. In fact, some veteran mountaineers still have a hard time doing this. They know it will take them several years before having the courage to climb the mountain. Besides, it is one of the tallest mountains in the world. That fact can scare a lot of people and you can’t blame them because beginners are already eliminated from the list of people who can climb the mountain.

How much does basecamp cost?
It usually costs $99 per month which is why a lot of people do it since it is pretty affordable. It is no secret how a lot of people have fun when they do this. It is not something you would need to save a lot of money for. After all, you are going to get your money’s worth when you go there and get what you paid for. Also, there is a yearly payment option that would cost you $999.

Where is Everest Base camp?
It is in Nepal. The base camps are set up in both sides of Mount Everest. It is one of the main reasons why a lot of tourists go to Nepal. From Nepal airport, you are going to have to stay near Mount Everest then wake up early to go to the base camp. Time waits for nobody so better set your alarm clock really early. If you think you are going to wake up other people who are sleeping then better sleep in a private room. There is nothing like meeting fellow travelers who share the same interest as yours. You may even get some tips from them about other mountains.

How do you use base camp?
You spend a night there before climbing Mount Everest. Thus, that is where you will put all your stuff then you can just come back for it after the expedition. Since the mountain expedition is going to be hard, you never know when you will come back for it. It is possible the base camp is set at the very top of the mountain and it will attract even more climbers to go there.

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Camping Australia

What is the best place to camp?
The best place to camp is the beach. You are going to be sleeping with the sound of the waves. Just be sure to camp a little far from the ocean so the water won’t get inside your tent. Also, put on a lot of insect lotion as there will be a lot of bugs especially at night who will try to bite you when you least expect it. There will be some snails and baby crabs who may bite you when you least expect it so better wear some protective clothing for your skin. The last thing you would want to happen is for those things to interrupt your beauty sleep. After all, you would want to get up early just in time to see the sunrise.

Is it illegal to camp in a park?
Yes, it is illegal to camp in a public park. Besides, when you set up a tent there then a lot of people will notice you. Some would go to the authorities in hopes of bringing justice to it. You may get fined for doing that since it is common sense to not do that as there are better places to go camping. It would make no sense to camp in a park that is just near your house. The whole purpose of camping is to commune with nature so it would be better to do it in the forest. Also, it would not make any sense to camp in a park since that is not the purpose of it being there. It is for kids to play.

Can you camp anywhere in Victoria?
You can’t camp anywhere but there are a lot of campgrounds that allow you to camp for free. Of course, you can’t camp in the middle of the highway as you will cause some traffic to occur. If that happens, then people will think you are crazy so better avoid doing something out of the ordinary so you won’t catch attention. Just like any other country in the world, it would be better to camp at a place that is appropriate.

Where can you camp for free in Victoria?
There are a lot of places where you can camp for free in Victoria. The first place that comes to mind is Anderson’s campground so better arrive early there so you can get a good spot. The place would usually attract a crowd which means you can meet fellow campers there especially at night when it is time to set up a fire. Another great place to camp for free would be Blue Pool so you can enjoy some freshwater swimming. Thus, better not forget to bring your swimming attire there. There are also a few spots to do some hiking if you are up for that type of activity.

How many tents can you have on a campsite?
You can bring a maximum of 3 tents on a campsite, however, that would still depend on the campsite you have chosen as some campsites have their own rules. If you brought your entire family with you, there is no doubt 3 tents are more than enough for that. Besides, it would be impossible for more than 3 tents to fit in your vehicle. You may end up having one of them blocking your view and you may get into an accident. In that situation, you must always prioritize your safety as you are driving a vehicle.

What does walk up mean camping?
It means the campsite does not accept reservations so you need to come as early as possible. Thus, you must set your alarm clock at an early time so you can arrive there early. If you get there and you see all the slots are full then you have no choice but to go to another campsite. The only exception would be if you see someone there that you know and they are willing to share the slot with you. However, it is pretty doubtful for that to happen because there are some campsites that do accept reservations online and that means you will feel confident about having a spot there.

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Rock climbing

What do you call rock climbers?
Rock climbers are participants who are involved in climbing, up or down across indoor or outdoor rock formations. There are several types of rock climbers which include mountain climbers or mountaineers, trad climbers and also free solo climbers. There are also different types of rock climbing which include mountaineering and trad climbing. Mountaineering is one of the most adventurous and oldest types of climbing. It’s also one of the most dangerous types of rock climbing since it requires lots of abilities and skills to climb up and get down the mountain. A mountaineer has to also be aware of the natural calamities or hazards that may arise which include lighting, avalanche and rockfalls.

How do you describe rock climbing?
Rock climbing is a kind of sport that involves individuals climbing across natural rock formations. It also involves control, strength and finesse. It involves the muscles in your legs and arms to pull yourself up a steep rock. This takes a lot of strength, power and control. Is a sport that also requires a lot of brain effort by coordinating both your hands and feet so that the muscles can do their task of climbing the rock. Rock climbing is also significantly similar to skydiving. Both sports have a great element of danger and individuals mostly participate in their satisfaction.

How do you do indoor rock climbing?
Indoor rock climbing is very essential to all those individuals who want to upgrade their climbing skills, abilities and strength. Some of the various types of indoor rock climbing include top-rope climbing, lead climbing and bouldering. For instance, bouldering involves routes or climbing close to the ground. Bouldering is a great way to build your skill since it entails focusing entirely on your balance and strength to keep yourself on the rock climbing wall. The goal of a beginner in indoor rock climbing should be to overcome the hurdles and challenges during the climb and later enjoy the accomplishment after the strenuous climb.

What happens when rock climbers fall?
Falls may arise during rock climbing and they are extremely fatal and dangerous. They are fatal since the climber falls twice the length of the rope that is attached between them. Security may come from the clipping of the metal bolts that are drilled inside the rock wall which are about 6 to 10 feet far apart. Rock climbing falls may include mild skin abrasions and even death. The injuries and falls from rock climbing arise under a variety of different circumstances.

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What do you mean by trekking?

Trekking as a form of walking is mostly undertaken when being driven by a certain spirit of adventure, for the purpose of exploration into new enjoyable scenery. It is usually undertaken by a group of people with a specific purpose of enjoying and exploring the scenery.

Is trekking the same as hiking?

What brings together hiking and trekking is that both are acts of walking, but in some instances, trekking and hiking are different. Let us have a look at these differences between the two activities.


Hiking is a form of leisure walk that involves walking on smooth trails (which some are manmade), roaming in the forest, climbing small hillocks, and enjoying nature. It is a one-day activity that does not require so much planning, gears, or types of equipment.


Trekking can be said to be a harder and longer hike. It is a long journey that involves mountain climbing, walking over terrains that no means of transport is available. While hiking is done at a moderated pace, trekking is a vigorous activity that is done with the aim of achieving a certain goal. This journey requires types of equipment such as survival kits, mountain climbing equipment, camping kits, and first aid kits.

What is the hardest hike in the world?

Ciudad Perdida Colombia is the most challenging hike all over the world. Trekking up to this challenging Colombia’s lost city is not an easy task to take about. The hike can take a week to climb over a staggering and sticky 3937 feet, in unpredictable South American weather. The hike will take you along the uneven paths, the narrow forest passageways and through some traversing rivers which are just above your knee deep during the dry season, and up your chest during the rainy season. Take your time at the top of the ruins, referred to as teyuna, and you will enjoy the view of flourishing hills and mountains countryside.

How many types of trekking are there?

There are two types of trekking as explained below;

Lodge (tea house) trekking.

This is a trekking trip where trekkers are dependent on any locally available inn, tea houses, and lodges along their trail. This is quite a comfortable form of trekking since trekkers cannot be affected by other factors such as harsh weather conditions. The trekkers are also accompanied by local guides along the trail to help them evade some harsh terrains on earth and help to direct them to the local inns. Lodge trekking minimizes the cost of the trail alongside avoiding a lot of camping luggage.

Camping (fully organized) trekking.

This is a fully organized kind of trekking. It involves packing all your survival types of equipment and food for full camping. The campers depend on locally hired staff who organizes and guide them through the whole journey and ensure that all trekker carry the required kits for camping. The trekker will crash out for their tents at night, and the hired staff will prepare meals for them as per the menu prepared earlier before the start of the trip. Trekker is free to choose a variety of meals from their menu. A very organized trek offers staff for every department, such as kitchen helpers, cooks, and guiding staff. The camping can be quite expensive though it offers a very enjoyable experience.

What are the benefits of trekking?

Most of us understand that exercise is what is keeping us healthier every time of the day. We spend more time sitting in our offices and maybe visiting the gym in the evening and lifting heavy objects and hitting the gym trails, little did we know that a simple 30-minute walk can change our heart condition.

Trekking helps strengthen your heart, increase your metabolism, strengthen bones, improve balance, increase focus and productivity, burn calories, boost your moods, live longer, and make new friends.

What is the difference between walking and hiking?

Hiking and walking can be said to have no big difference, only that it depends on the paths you take. Hiking definitely involves walking. However, when you are walking, it means you are trekking over a smooth and relatively flat path with no many hurdles, while trekking, on the other hand, means walking from low to high elevation.

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