Base Camp Australia

What is a base camp?
It is a camp where mountaineers go to do an expedition. You have to admit you have a great view at the base camp. Thus, you can’t blame yourself if you want to bring a lot of photography equipment there and do a photo shoot on the spot. You can think of a million poses while you are there. Just make sure you don’t get too close to the edge. Most mountaineers would go here during winter as they think of it as a challenge. As a result, better bring a lot of winter attire as it will surely get pretty cold at the top of the mountain.

How hard is Everest Base Camp?
It is pretty hard so better do difficult workouts before doing it. It may take weeks or even months of hard training before you feel like you are up to the task. In fact, some veteran mountaineers still have a hard time doing this. They know it will take them several years before having the courage to climb the mountain. Besides, it is one of the tallest mountains in the world. That fact can scare a lot of people and you can’t blame them because beginners are already eliminated from the list of people who can climb the mountain.

How much does basecamp cost?
It usually costs $99 per month which is why a lot of people do it since it is pretty affordable. It is no secret how a lot of people have fun when they do this. It is not something you would need to save a lot of money for. After all, you are going to get your money’s worth when you go there and get what you paid for. Also, there is a yearly payment option that would cost you $999.

Where is Everest Base camp?
It is in Nepal. The base camps are set up in both sides of Mount Everest. It is one of the main reasons why a lot of tourists go to Nepal. From Nepal airport, you are going to have to stay near Mount Everest then wake up early to go to the base camp. Time waits for nobody so better set your alarm clock really early. If you think you are going to wake up other people who are sleeping then better sleep in a private room. There is nothing like meeting fellow travelers who share the same interest as yours. You may even get some tips from them about other mountains.

How do you use base camp?
You spend a night there before climbing Mount Everest. Thus, that is where you will put all your stuff then you can just come back for it after the expedition. Since the mountain expedition is going to be hard, you never know when you will come back for it. It is possible the base camp is set at the very top of the mountain and it will attract even more climbers to go there.